Ninebot One S2

Shipping End of September!

Be the first to ride the new Ninebot One S2, the latest in one wheel transportation

The Ninebot One S2 is new to the Ninebot One family and a smaller diameter wheel than the original Ninebot One coming in at 14" compared to the originals 16". A smaller diameter wheel means the overall size and weight of the unit are reduced making it easier to carry and improving portability. 


  • Impressive Range. With18+ miles, you can ride it all day and charge it overnight (charger included)
  • Super Portable. The S2 is weighs in at ~25lbs lighter than the original Ninebot One due to it's smaller size.
  • Easy-to-Use. We provide complete instructions along with video demos so you can quickly master the ride. You’ll be spinning in no time - plus you can contact us anytime! ( +1(646) 600-9086)
  • Customizable. Easily customize the LED feature lights to fit your personal style with the free Ninedroid app.
  • In the box: Ninebot One S2, Charger, Manual


    These numbers will vary based on rider weight and terrain:
    • Max Speed: ~15 mph
    • Range: ~19 miles
    • Water resistant
    • Max Payload: 265 lbs
    • Charging Time: 2.5 hrs. (charger included)
    • Weight: ~25 lbs
    • Battery: 320Wh
    • Power Rating: 500Watts
    • Wheel Diameter: 14"
    • Manual Included
    • 1 Year Warranty (US)

    About the Ninedroid App

    The Ninedroid app is available for free and can be downloaded from from iTunes or the Google Play store.  Connect your phone with your Ninebot with the Ninedroid app via Bluetooth to:

    • Customize lighting colors and patterns.
    • See the current speed, mileage, temperature, running time.
    • Lock /unlock your Ninebot. 

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