Hoodriderz.com referral program

You can now make money by referring paying customers to hoodriderz.com

The hoodriderz.com referral program also known as an affiliate program is open to all of our customers and members of the hoodriderz.com community. We will pay you for any paying customers in the USA that purchase any product on hoodriderz.com.

How does it work

  1. Sign up to the program and get your unique link
  2. Share your link wherever you like. For example paste your link along with your videos and pics on instagram, facebook, snapchat, twitter etc.
  3. When people sclick on your link and purchase we track it and pay you $$$ based on what they spend.
  4. You can track clicks, purchases and orders made with your link through our site

How to signup

1. Go to www.hoodriderz.com/affiliatesignup and complete your details, name, email address etc.
2. Login to www.hoodriderz.com/affiliates with your new details and get your unique referal link under the information page (shown below). In this example John's affiliate link is  is http://www.hoodriderz.com/?aff=15 He can actually create a link to any page in the hoodriderz site by simply adding ?aff=15 to the end of every url.
Find your affiliate link
3. Paste your link under pictures in social media. Here's an instagram example but it would be the same on facebook, twitter or snapchat (it works with URL shorteners too)
4. Login to www.hoodriderz.com/affiliates and see the homepage to track clicks and purchases made via your link