About Us

Hello! We are HoodRiderz, dedicated to revolutionizing personal transportation.

Life in New York City is jam packed. Jam-packed with fun, friends and family…and also with cars and taxis stuck in traffic, people on crowded subways, and long lines for buses. We knew there had to be a better way to get around this city that we love, so we set out in search of it!

We like electric cars - they’re green (great!), but they still get stuck in traffic (boo!). Motorcycles are quick (grin) and can cut through traffic (bigger grin), but you need a license to ride one, which means lessons, tests, paperwork, time (shudder…) plus your family worrying about you! Bicycles provide exercise and are great at cutting through traffic too, but you’ve got to lock them – and you can't guarantee the whole thing will be there when you get back (not to mention you get sweaty peddling.) Where does that leave us? Well Segways are efficient, but at $6,000+, it seemed like just too high a price to pay.

After digging even deeper, we found a new way: a world of innovative, environmentally friendly personal transportation products. We've gathered the best of them here for you to take advantage of – not just in NYC – but across the country on your college campus, in your hometown and around neighborhood.

Let us know what you think and don't hesitate to get in touch using the form here or via phone email below.

Keep it wheel! 

The HoodRiderz Team
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