Ninebot C Handsfree (US Edition)

The Ninebot C is just like the Ninebot E but does not include the standard handlebar found on the Ninebot E models. It only ships in white and blue with the hands-free operation bar as shown. It's   handsfree and ~$1000 cheaper than the Ninebot E for those budget conscious riders out there.

A rider controls the Ninebot C by shifting their weight forward or backward while standing on the platform. Turning is controlled by applying pressure to the handsfree silicon leg pads with you knees/ legs to go left or right.

The Ninebot C is able to detect any changes in the riders position with on board accelerometers.  The data from the accelerometers is processed by a high-speed microprocessor that calculates the riders position 200-500 times a second to control the motors in the base base of the device to keep the Ninebot C upright. 

For operational safety the Ninebot incorporates backup-systems for most of the key components. This means that in the unlikely event of the component failure, the backup system will automatically takeover, allowing the Ninebot to function as normal until it can be taken in for maintenance.

The Ninebot easily fits in the trunk of your car and can go with you to work, school, the park, and even shopping. 


Weight  52lbs
Machine Size 14.4" x 23.2" x 43.3"~55.1"
Max. Payload 250lbs
Max. Speed 10mph
Max. Range 12.5 - 18 Miles (dependent on rider weight, terrain & charge)
Max. Slope 20 degrees (incline/ decline)
Speed Settings Limited 2.5 - 6.2mph Normal 6.8 - 12.4mph
Battery Lthium 55V/ 450W
Motor 2 x 1350W
Remote Control Keys Multi-Function Wireless Key Fob (1 pieces)
Charger/ Charge Time 1 x standard charger, 120W, 3 hours for full charge
Handlebar Display There is no handlebar and no display on the Ninebot C
Warranty US Warranty Service & Repairs See here for more information


Delivered in less than 5 business days

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