New Ninebot Mini Announced Today

October 19, 2015

New Ninebot Mini Announced Today

Today, Ninebot unveiled the Ninebot mini, a self-balancing scooter and the company's first new product since the Segway acquisition in April this year.

The Ninebot Mini was announced today

The Ninebot mini is substantially different from any of the Segway models but similar to the Ninebot C and so instead of having a handle to control direction it has a knee-high control arm. If you've used the Ninebot C before then you know it only takes a matter of minutes to get comfortable with type of steering.

The Ninebot C (Available for purchase on

The electric-powered scooter can travel 13.7 miles (22km) on a single charge, and has a top speed of with a 9.9mph (16km/h). It supports riders up to 187.4 lbs (85 kg) weighs 28.2 pounds (12.8 kg ) and can climb slopes up to 15 degrees. At present the product slated for launch in China on November 3 and it's yet to be seen as to whether this model or a modified version will make it's way stateside.

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