Electric Unicycles in Minority Report

October 13, 2015 2 Comments

Electric Unicycles in Minority Report

If you like science fiction type stuff then you'll like Minority Report now in it's first season on Fox. You can watch the season episodes online here: www.fox.com/minority-report

Episode 2: Mr Nice Guy has a few Easter Eggs for Electric Unicycle Fans. Can you spot them all?

Not sure if it's electric but it's got one wheel!
Can you see it in the background?
Little easier to see here
Blink and you'll miss this one...
And then back in the other direction...
And towards the end we see the large version again...
Looks like the electric unicycles are popping up in episode 3 too...

Have we missed any? What other films or tv series have you seen one wheeled vehicles in?

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