Flying with your Ninebot/ Electric Unicycle

August 03, 2015 2 Comments

Flying with your Ninebot/ Electric Unicycle

Many people often wonder if they can fly with their Ninebot due to it's lithium batteries and what the rules and regulations are. You can read more about the rules and regulations on the FAA here & TSA websites (here). For your convenience we've copied the text below directly from the TSA website and bolded the pertinent parts:

Lithium Batteries: Safety and Security

Lithium-ion batteries, often found in laptop computers, differ from primary lithium batteries, which are often used in cameras. Some newer AA-size batteries are also primary lithium.

While there is no explosion hazard associated with either kind of battery, the Federal Aviation Administration has studied fire hazards associated with both primary and lithium-ion cells, and their extensive research is publicly available. As a result of this research, the FAA no longer allows large, palletized shipments of these batteries to be transported as cargo on passenger aircraft.

The research also shows that an explosion will not result from shorting or damaging either lithium-ion or primary lithium batteries. Both are, however, extremely flammable. Primary lithium batteries cannot be extinguished with firefighting agents normally carried on aircraft, whereas lithium-ion batteries are easily extinguished by most common extinguishing agents, including those carried on board commercial aircraft.

TSA has and will continue to work closely with the FAA on potential aviation safety and security issues, and TSA security officers are thoroughly and continually trained to find explosive threats. TSA does not have plans to change security regulations for electronic devices powered by lithium batteries.

Photograph of the Ninebot E+ battery identifying it as a Li-ion (Lithium Ion) battery
Conclusion: You're good to go (in the US)

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Bob switalski
Bob switalski

November 13, 2016

Just got kicked off a delta flight when found in my checked bag in Ohio, USA to Atlanta, USA

david p newell
david p newell

October 09, 2016

just called southwest cant take it on the plane

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