Controlling the comfort of your ride

October 12, 2015 2 Comments

Controlling the comfort of your ride

One of the many great things about the Ninebot One when compared to other modes of electric transportation (like a scooter, PhunkeeDuck, Hovertrax, Airboard or Boosted Board etc) is the size of the wheel and the fact that they have an air filled tire. Both of these characteristics mean it rides more comfortably over bumps and uneven surfaces. As you get more confident you might even find yourself hoping off or even up curbs. You will also start to develop a personal preference for a "harder" or "softer" ride. So lets take a look at how you can control the hardness/ softness of the ride:

  1. From the Ninedroid app and
  2. By inflating/ deflating the tire. (Note: The inner tube  will be more susceptible to damage at the lower end of the recommended pressure range)

From the Ninedroid App (screenshots take from the iPhone):

 Not Connected
Make sure bluetooth is activated on your phone & start the Ninedroid app. Press the bluetooth icon in the middle of the screen Any Ninebots in the vicinity will show up on the screen. Tap on the one you want to pair with. Once paired you will see the data on your Ninebot. Tap the icon at the bottom in the center of the screen.
You will then pop-up the NinebotOne control panel. Select settings Once in the NinebotOne settings. You can then have access to the Riding Mode Use the slider to control the hardness/ softness of the ride. The harder it is the more responsive you'll find it.

Inflating/ Deflating the Tire

Like most things in life there's an easy way and a hard way. First make sure your Ninebot is switched off and lets take a look at easy way to start with.

The tire valve is on the right side of the Ninebot as you stand on it. (Charging port pointing back, power on button facing forward)
Attaching the pump hose
Lay the Ninebot on it's left side and rotate the wheel until you see the valve. (It's a shrader type bicycle valve). If you have a bicycle pump with a flexible hose you should be able to fit it between the rim and the tire and thread it onto the valve. We like the Lezyne Pumps as their small and do the job perfectly.
Alternatively and if you're pump won't fit in that gap you will have to carefully remove the LED rim.
Locate the 6 small notches on the inside edge of the LED rim and gently pry the rim off with a small fat head screwdriver using these notches.
This will reveal an access panel below the foot plate and allow access to the valve

Beginners prefer it on the softer side but adding more air will allow for more control and speed.


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Hoot Gibson
Hoot Gibson

October 12, 2015

I have the latest upgrade, 1.2.7. Now it is difficult to change the speed setting. Once I got it to go past 10. I think it was 13, or 14. How high can you set it? Also, what exactly does it do. It goes fast enough for me at 10, but at 13 will it go faster?

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