Ninebot Range and The Morning Commute

April 28, 2015

Ninebot Range and The Morning Commute

In true Hoodriderz style I rolled into the office down on Broadway this morning taking the scenic route across the city and through central park from the Upper East Side. It was a beautiful day and great to be outside rather than crammed into the subway. If you've been to NYC you know it's kind of awkward to travel across Manhattan on public transport too. I would typically take the 6 train downtown and then walk across from 51st Street...

To give you a better idea of range and how battery consumption fairs. I took before and after shots of the Ninedroid app starting from inside my apartment and ending once I was parked up in the office. Admittedly I could have been a bit more accurate about starting and stopping the clock but the distance and power are accurate. I should also have switched the app to record the distance in miles but forgot so I've done the conversion below.

 Before leaving my apartment

After parking up in the office

Starting Odo: 23.886Km/ 14.8421Miles

Battery Level: 8

Ending Odo: 28.616Km/ 17.781158

Battery Level: 6


Total Distance Traveled: 4.73Km/ 2.939Miles

Total Battery Consumed: 2

Using this info and assuming a full charge it's easy to see how the Ninebot could take me 14+ miles around the city, which falls right in line with the specifications of 12.5-18 miles.

You can also see how there's more than enough power left to take me home again so although I could charge the Ninebot in the office I don't need to...

I'll be sure to do this again, track the route, time and generally be more accurate but this should give you a taste of what to expect.

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