Unpacking our Black Ninebot E

April 25, 2015 1 Comment

Unpacking our Black Ninebot E

We just got a new Ninebot E in black and wanted to show you the unpacking and assembly...
Ninebot E packaging for base unit Ninebot E packaging for control arm
2 boxes one for the base and one for the control arm
Inside the Ninebot E base unit box Ninebot E handlebar, cables, remote keys and other components
The box for the base contains the handlebar, cables, battery, remote control and hex wrenches etc. for assembly
Ninebot E base unit Ninebot E battery packaging
I can see the wheels, and something else
The Ninebot E battery Ninebot E box all empty
Oh that's the battery! Looks like it's empty now
A closer look at some of the Ninebot E components in the base unit box The Ninebot E control arm in it's packaging
The handle bar and control arm
A closer look at some of the Ninebot E components
Those hex wrenches are better than the ones you get from IKEA lol
Ninebot E remote key box Ninebot E remote key box opened
This box looks like it might contain jewelry...
Aha it's the remote keys!
Ensure the holes on the handlebar and control arm are aligned when you assemble the two pieces Use the included hex tool to tighten the screws and join the control arm to the handlebar The Ninebot E control arm needs to be attached to the base unit
Pretty straightforward assembly of the handle bar and control arm. Now to attach it to the base...
Line up the holes of the control arm and base unit before screwing the two pieces together The Ninebot E control arm now fixed to the base unti
Make sure the holes are lined up and screw the it back. That was pretty easy :) 
The Ninebot E battery The Ninebot E battery affixes to the bottom of the base unit
Now to fix the battery to the under side of the base..
The connectors on the Ninebot E battery should line up with the connectors on the base unit The battery is fixed to the Ninebot E base unit with screws The battery is fixed to the Ninebot E with screws
All done!
The Ninebot E fully assembled. Very easy!

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