A bit of background on the Ninebot One electric wheel...

January 05, 2016

A bit of background on the Ninebot One electric wheel...

The Ninebot One unicycle is produced by Ninebot Inc. the parent company of the  Segway (acquired in 2015). Segway is the original manufacturer of self balancing scooters that (14 years ago) gave birth to the first electric standing scooters.

Those later evolved into what we now know as the hands free 1 and 2 wheel electric standing scooters. So there is no longer any Ninebot vs Segway because they have joined forces and are now part of the same main company.

Ninbot Inc. is a robotics company that received investment funding from Xaiomi to purchase Segway in 2015.

Xaiomi in turn is a multi-billion dollar technology giant and one of the largest producers of smartphones in the world.

Ninebot is unique in that it is one of the few companies making electric standing scooters who actually have a background in technology. 

You should take notice of this because the quality control of electric standing scooters in  has been a MAJOR problem.

This is mostly due to inexperienced startup companies (with no technology experience) outsourcing the manufacturing of these devices to random Chinese factories. Many of those factories have resorted to using dangerous inferior batteries and parts. Cheap lithium-ion batteries and substandard chargers have the potential to cause explosions and fires!

Having said that you can rest assured knowing that Ninebot is now part of Segway, the leader in self balancing vehicles for the last 14 years! They've learnt a lot in that time about what works and what does and we can be sure they are not going to outsource to factories making the fake cheap knock off products.

This is one of the few instances of a personal transportation device where the brand name tells us a lot about the safety of the products.

Safety should be your #1 concern when you are thinking about getting an electric standing scooter. Whether it is 1 or 2 wheels makes no difference. The technology that is used inside them is practically exactly the same. And therefore the fire hazard is the same. You need a safe product, period. Price and features should come second to this very important factor. Read more about Ninebots 2016 UL safety certification here

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