Ninebot obtains the world's first US UL2272 safety certification authorization certificate for self -balancing vehicles

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Ninebot obtains the world's first US UL2272 safety certification authorization certificate for self -balancing vehicles

On April 29, 2016, the global innovative short -distance transportation brand Ninebot obtained US UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc) safety certification, making it the world's first and currently only enterprise in the field of self -balancing vehicles to have passed UL2272 safety standard tests. This demonstrates the company's world leading position in the area of product quality and safety.

Self-balancing vehicles have increased in popularity in recent years, making for a more chaotic industry with varied product quality and negative press that extends to legitimate players. The exploding hoverboards reported in the US last year, for example, resulted in Amazon withdrawing a large quantity of self -balancing vehicles from sale. At the end of December, the US government banned the import of self -balancing vehicles, both single-wheeled and two-wheeled.

As the leading US authority for safety standards and safety testing, UL US has mandated tests on self-balancing vehicles, announcing on February 3, 2016 that it would assess and test applications on the design and structure of mechatronic systems under UL certification. It subsequently developed UL2272 standard to test and certify self -balancing vehicles.

The standard covers the electrical drive system, including the rechargeable battery and charger systems, and product quality in harsh environments. In the US, UL safety standards are noted for their strictness. They include tests on samples and unannounced inspection of manufacturers' sites from time to time.

UL2272 is the world's first authoritative safety standard for self -balancing vehicles where certification provides a benchmark for user safety.

On February 18, the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Committee) issued an announcement stating that all self -balancing vehicles manufactured, imported, and sold by manufacturers, importers. and distributors in the US must conform with UL2272 circuit system certification and UN38.3 certification.

All models of Ninebot products and their battery packs have already passed UN38.3;  the compulsory standard required by the US Department of Transportation. US customs can impound products that do not conform with UN38.3.

As a certification for safety and reliability UL2272 covers strength and safety measures such as overloading, battery pack safety in extreme conditions like water exposure, over-heating, piercing, and short-circuiting; insulation of the motor in the scenarios such as a sustained locked rotor or overloading: electrical safety; durability of the shell materials; and weather resistance.

When the UL US announced UL2272 certification, Ninebot submitted product documentation immediately for a complete assessment on materials, key components, mechanical structure. PCBs. the BMS battery management system. and safety protection systems. The UL then tested a sample scooter, which included mechanical, functional, electrical safety. and battery tests. Examples of the testing parameters are as follows: the battery cannot burn or explode if an external force is applied or if the battery is pierced, exposed to water, overcharged, or over -discharged.

On April 25, Ninebot passed all tests, the first company in its sector to attain this achievement. It is now the only vehicle of its type that can be sold in the US. Ninebot also helped revise UL2272. Given the position of Ninebot in the field of self -balancing vehicles, Ninebot R&D engineers were invited to suggest revisions to the standards to help develop the industry based on stronger standards.

Since its founding. Ninebot has prioritized product quality and safety. Now it has been approved by the authoritative US agency. providing reassurance for customers and setting a safety benchmark for the industry. At present, China has no industry or national standards to supervise the quality and safety of self -balancing vehicles. Ninebot hopes to work with the government to develop standards for an ordered and safe industry that provides reliable products for customers across the globe.

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